Vlad and Ball Gown Poses

I have been neglecting my male Ambergris Addicts Group members a little bit. Even though quite a bunch of them DO look quite stunning in my gowns…. ;)

So here’s to you my patient lovelies


Ruffle necked jacket with square silver buttons, a 2nd jacket option with jewels on the collar, matching trou with silver buckle, black meshed shirt, flexy jacket tails, and flexi ruffled sleeve cuffs. A high collared flex cloak completes the look.

Slightly sepia toned, and embroidered tapestry overlay texturing for that old timey gothic feel


Vlad is available on the New Items Wall at Ambergris Main Store and my Onrez Storefront

Kudos on Vlad design from a customer! (January 2009)

Harway Dench: Hi ambergris, i hope you had a wonderful start into the new year, i purchased the vlad outfit designed by you a couple of minutes ago and really am impressed. the david bowie outfit is great and so is the vlad outfit. My compliments :-)

Ball Gown Poses from AmberAnims!

These poses are perfect for designers who are tired of arms and hands disappearing into their full belle skirted formal gowns. Also wonderful for models, full figured avatars, photographers, the eternally vain and the Divas.


50L each and are available at the AmberAnims pose vendors in the AmberStrands Hair Salon

Note for Designers: Special attention has been paid to the poses; so that the textures of your designs are not stretched or broken. A great way to get that perfect product box picture!

2 responses to “Vlad and Ball Gown Poses

  1. if you any other photo’s/ pictures of Prom/ball gowns can you please send some 2 me because im doing a fashion course and im tyring to focus on formal dresses. thank you.

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