Cure for the Common Skirt

In discussions with many designers around the grid, I have found emotions from astonishment to anger to confusion regarding LL’s seeming lack of response and care about “the disappearing skirt bug”.

I had wondered myself why this bug had begun to appear. While watching the Torely video about environmental settings, near the end was something that caught my eye. Apparently something was added to the system skirt to make it “flow” and “ripple” not unlike a RL skirt – or I guess what flex prim skirts have been doing for awhile.

Mystified, I sat down to think. Why bother now with the system skirt? And why ignore a very serious result that has been a huge problem for designers, new resident helpers, clothes horses and fashionistas grid wide?

Many of us have done our best to “work around” this problem: shorts/pants-as-skirts, creating more top and trou designs, using prims for jacket tails, pleading on the jira, the linden blog and so on and so on.

Sometime’s we attack the problems that confront us with humor. I suppose that is human nature. When the choice is to cry or laugh – sometime’s you just have to laugh.


If LL has decided to show our buns and thighs to the world why not roll with it? Four jeweled colors available: Ruby, PinkDiamond, Sapphire and Emerald.

Barely-there bustier top, matching gloves, panties, and leggings w/garters. Not a skirt in sight. The perfect outfit for that “full moon” pic you’ve been aching to take and send to the new CEO.
Happy snapping!

TeaseRubyFORUM TeaseSapphireFORUM TeasePinkDiamondFORUM TeaseEmeraldFORUM

Note: All poses (except for the closeup shot) are by AmberAnims!

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