Tsunami and Borjia

After resting a little bit from completing my Spring Collection, I surprised myself with being able keep on designing at a furious pace lol

The first of the new batch are a whimsycal formal and a flirty mini dress.


Catch the wave! Colorful formals with wave-like edging on the bodice w/arm bracers, tiered flex skirt and comes in three colors: blue, green and red.

tsunamiblueforum tsunamiemeraldforum tsunamiscarletforum

The adorable little strappy Mary Jane’s are Potpourri by Heidi Hammerer! You can get them at the ADF Vendor area at Ambergris Main Store!


An adorable little outfit with lots of straps and interesting things… Included are ADF Black Strappy Heels, and a sheer flexy “mist” at the hips. Available in three colors: Red, Purple and Gold.

borjiaredforum borjiapurpleforum borjiagoldforum

Get these designs on the New Items Wall at Ambergris Main Store and also at my OnRez Storefront.


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