Lushly textured gown with distinctive bodice.



Available in Red and also in Purple. Comes with matching panties, Glitch pants and slim line flex skirt with semi-sheer prims underneath.

helsingpic helsingscarletforum helsingpurpleforum

In pictures: Hair by Deviant Kitties, Skin by Adam n Eve and shoes by Sylfie. You can get Helsing at Ambergris Main Store and also at my OnRez Storefront.



2 responses to “Helsing

  1. Enid Trenchcoat

    I will come buy your stuff if you promise to get some new hair. Your hair is truly, truly awful.

  2. Thank goodness I am a dressmaker not a hair maker then! *giggles*

    I hope you are referring to AmberStrands hair not the hair in this particular post, as it is one of my favs ;)

    And you should buy my stuff, because you like my stuff, not because you hate my hair *winks and grins*

    Have a great weekend Enid! *huggs*
    ~Amber :)

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