More leather!

An interesting mini with formal top, matching sleeves and lots of soft embossed leather.

Comes in black and red/gold


freedomallpic freedomblackforum freedomredforum

Pictured: Hair by Diversity, Skin by Crying Rose Studios (CRS), Shoes by Sylfie. You can get Freedom on the New Items Wall at my main store location and also at my OnRez Storefront.
Lots of new MENSWEAR in store now! I am pleased to announce that Robert Hailey of Dinkum Designs (yes he is an Aussie!) has a whole wall of designs for the guys in the menswear section at Ambergris Deadly Fashions:
Jeans, Tshirts, Jackets, Colors, Leather, Suede, Sweaters, Casuals and Sporty. At 200L for a set with top and trou you just cannot go wrong!

Drop in and check them out :)

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