Anguish & The Buffy

A tea-time dress with a gothic flair. Is there such a thing? Well maybe *giggles*

Feathery flex prims and jagged edges mix together in this interesting design. Calf length gown, with matching flex sleeves. Available in dark textured colors of Purple, Blue, Black and Red.


anguishnoir anguishall

Pictured with hair Margot (black) by AmberStrands, the wickedly simple and stylish stiletto heels Uno, by Sylfie and Deadly Nightshade Ruby, skin by sachi Vixen of Adam N Eve.

The Buffy

This design was created for Ambergris Addict Cheer Leader Buffyboo Graves who shopped her little heart out at one of the weekly fashion shows.

I know you will love the matching gloves, satiny form fitting bodice, and full swirling prims :)


Hair (short) Bobbie and (long) Naomi by AmberStrands; Skin by Nora and shoes by Sylfie. You can get both of these designs on the New Items Wall at my main store location as well as at my OnRez Storefront.
Ambergris Fashion Show! See these designs and other latest fashions, as well as some SL debuts this evening at the Ambergris Arts Runway at 5pm SLT.

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