Angel Cakes & Paws

Some fun new designs!

Angel Cakes is a (very) mini dress named after Ambergris Addict group member Angel Magestic. The design captures her spirit of fun and flirtyness ;)
You can get this creation in three colors: Red, Pink and Purple.

Angel Cakes

angelcakespic angelcakesred angelcakespinkforum angelcakespurpleforum

Features: curve hugging all tied up in the back bodice, flexi sleeves and semi-sheer flexi mini “flirt”. Poses in pics are by AmberAnims!

Update: Angel Cakes now available in GREEN! At main store location ~ ty Pushy! ;)



This top and trou outfit is unisex and was created for “The Wolf Pack” ~ with many members howling and rampaging with the Ambergris Addicts group.

Shirt is in signature Ambergris Green with wolf paw prints on front back and sleeves.


(Yes that is “Amber Guy” avie in the pic hehe!)

Update: Now available in Blue, Red and Purple!

Both of these designs are available on the New Items Wall at Ambergris main store location and also (soon!) at my OnRez Storefront.



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