Aliya & a Party!

This is sexy flirty design that I know you will just love :)

The highlight of this little number is the “ripped up” skirt that flashes much skin high on the thighs ~ front and back. Do you DARE to wear? I think you will!

Design is available in three colors: Forest, Violet and Garnet and comes with a pair of matching ADF Boots with signature claw heel.

Included is a pair of panties and you also have the walk/no walk option on the boots as well as the ability to modify the “collared” look down to strapless if you like ;)
(click thumbnails for larger views)


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Pictured: Hair from Calico and Skin from Nora. You can get Aliya on the New Items Wall at Ambergris Main Store and also at my OnRez Storefront.

Ambergris Fashion Party!
Ambergris Tuesdays is BAAACK! weehoooo!!

We kick off the FIRST party of the New Year at the Ambergris Arts Events and Runway Area. 5pm SLT this Tuesday and every Tuesday thereafter yayyy!

On the menu:
~LIVE DJ Malachi Conover will be playing music, taking requests and purring into the mic with his sexy voice ;)
~ADF Gift Orb will be handing out goodies!
~ADF Money Ball will be giving out lindens!
~Best in Ambergris Wear contest for lots of lindens!
~Runway is open for contestants and party goers to strut their stuff :)
~A chance to meet some of the ADF Elite and Calamity Models!

See you there!

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