Satin and Leather

There are always all kind of parties going on all over the grid, and I think many are looking forward to the New Year’s Eve celebrations, and getting a fun start to 2008.

With that in mind I have two very different style designs that will keep you in good cheer well into the new year :) (eeeeeee! poetry! lol)

Midnight Party

Satiny minidress with diamond accents and arm bracers. Comes with panties, stockings, semi-sheer mini “flirt” and ADF strappy heels.

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Hair is AmberStrands Bobbie, skin by Nora



Dark brown leather with gold filigree accents. Lots of pieces to mix and match with and wear many different ways:

Bustier top with arm bracers, matching leather panties, belt, flex panels and matching leather boots with signature ADF claw heel.

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Hair: QoTD
Skin: sachi Vixen

Both designs are available at Ambergris Deadly Fashions (ADF), Knot (245, 67, 81), and my OnRez Storefront.


Love leather? Check out Aeon my EFA Design Awards Entry! Soft black leather strappy evening wear for the singular woman. lots of hardware ~ buckles and O-ring accents.

Click Here to See!

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