Daily Archives: December 14, 2007

Le Cadre Fashion Expose

You are invited!

I was so thrilled when Sensual Casanova message me and asked if I would like to be in her Fashion Expose. Would I?? After I finished passing out (hehe!) I had to get everything together.

It have been a busy few weeks, and I know the models have been working so hard. Sensual is really organized!

See you tonight at 7pm yay!

Your Engraved Invitation


Recap of event at Sensual’s Blog 

yay! pics from the show!!

Click Here :)

Shots of my designs on the runway below too! Ty Tillie Ariantho for this awesome set!

Little Black Dress

Satin Queen ~ Ruby


Cascade ~ Purple



Darkness Suit

Oulette w/Boots