Blue Frost

A sneaky preview

But not really. This Winter Season themed gown made its debut at yesterday’s fashion show. Which was a smashing succes btw yay!

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ADF Elite Models Cotton Hicks and Java Laval on the Runway!

Hand drawn gown in icy blue with semi-sheer over panels on the prim skirt. Asymetrical accents in darker blue, and matching bluestone jewels are the highlight of this confection.

Blue Frost

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I am so tired with all the recent preparations for the show, and for getting my EFA Design Awards contest entry added in, that for the moment, you can only get this gown down at the Ambergris Arts Runway area.

A little bit later on I will add it to the New Items Wall at my main store, and add it to my OnRez Storefront as well. In the meantime, won’t you look so lovely ice skating around in this gown?



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