What’s New Pussycats?

Ahh the hustle and bustle of the Holiday season :)

Today, Saturday December 8th and 2pm SLT will be the debut Ambergris Fashion Show in the resurrection of the weekly fashion shows series.

What fun! The ADF/Elite Models are ready to go, the Ambergris Arts Runway has been dusted off and polished…

The roster include Menswear and Three new designs also making their debut today.
You are invited! Be sure to arrive early to get the best seats. The show will start on time ;)

EFA Design Awards

Everyone knows what an OnRez fan I am, so naturally when Ewing Fashion Agency team up with them to do a contest ~ I had to enter!

In short, is sort of like that particular RL music awards – where record sales determine the winners in each category.

So sales of each entry will be track by OnRez and well you get the picture. So exciting! You can get a peek at my entry and cast your “vote” buy purchase Right Here.

I will also have special OnRez vendor with the design available at my main store location. And speaking of: There is also the Pride Kiosk created by Traven Sachs. I hope people will donate towards next year’s Festival! It is located right next to the Skoopf Skates vendor.

Dragon Egg Hunt!

It was fun to see the Ambergris Addicts group members scurrying all around my land hunting for the eggs with goodies inside :) We have not had a Hunt in a while, and there will be more to come!
Happy Holidays!

See you on the Runway :)

Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com

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