AmberStrands Project

Few months back I decided to dabble in making hair. Creating clothing is my primary focus, but I love to take on side projects. Why? It is interesting and fun :) And it is nice to step aside from what you do everyday, and do something different now and then.

A friend of mine who has seen me creating hair, gifted me a hair kit to help me with my fun project. As you can see from commentary on my previous post, some people know more about that kit than I do.

I also find it interesting that there was no commentary on any of my previous hairstyles, which were also developed from a kit I purchased. I have also purchased and used hair textures as well.

Which I used with both kits. So. I am not trying to revolutionize the hair business in SL. I am a dressmaker dabbling in a side project. For fun. For maybe some profit, but since my primary business is clothing, that is not the focus.

So everyone relax and go take a nap :)

I also dabble in making footwear. And furniture. And cuddle rugs. And sculpties. And bathtubs. I am not seeing the big hubbub here. Maybe someone can explain to me.

Is that kit that was gifted to me illegal or something? I thought kits where to be used in the manner I have been using them. Retexture them, move some prims around, add some prims, or not or whatever.

If I am mistaken in this, then please let me know :)

Stay tuned for cute outfit inspired by Yasmin Petrov *huggs yasling!*


8 responses to “AmberStrands Project

  1. The hair your reselling is a universal freebie – and I’m not seeing any “retexturing” about it. Sarabi sold this as a business in a box a while back – offered her whole shop for sale – but ended up selling it full perms to about ten people instead of one. Greed gets the best of us.

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  3. Thanks for the information :)

    So the kit that was gifted to me are known as to be freebies and not kits sold for people to make hair with?

    If that is the case then I will not bother to use it any more. The other kit I found by search was sold as a build-your-own-hair type thing, and I figured the gifted one was the same.

    I appreciate everyone’s concern, but a simple “hey Amber those are freebies” would have been sufficient.

    I do not get out much (obviously) – how was I to know? I will also pass along this info to the friend who gave me the kit. I am guessing they did not know either.

    As for retexturing. Yes I did. Maybe not on all, I am not logged in to check atm, but I used textures previously purchased and have use on my other hair designs before.

    This is a fun project and I will continue to make hair using my other kit :)

    Tenshi, take a deep breath please. I know it is hard to believe, but human beings do make mistakes. Now if I continue to carry on after getting this information, then you can kick up a fuss.

    As of right now, there is no drama, no “AmberScam” no nothing. Simple honest mistake. If you have never made a mistake in your life, well then ok, I can see how this could be a big deal for you :)

  4. It’s not just freebies. It’s arguably the most infamous set of freebies in SL. Half of the newbie female avs are wearing Valentina during their first week inworld. There’s no such thing as “hair kit” – there’s hair made by other people, re-texturing which (with someone elses textures) does not constitute hair making any more than recoloring your dress would make me a fashion designer. We don’t really care, just imagine how it makes you look.

  5. Makes me look like what? I do not understand what you are getting at.

    I have not been new in SL for over two years, so I am not aware of whatever the current hair of choice is for noobies.

    I am not a hair designer, so I am not savvy about the world of hair. As I have stated, several times in fact, This is a fun side project.

    I have built hair from scratch, like my Bobbie hairstyle, and I have also used a hair kit. Yes they DO exist. (I mean I bought one for heaven’s sake lol) They exist for people like me.

    People who want to dabble in creating hair, taking their time with the considerable learning curve, and basically having fun with the process.

    How does it make me look? Like the hair hobbyist I am. I do not force people to buy my clothes, nor do I force people to buy the hair I make. Or the boots or the bathtubs.

    I still do not see the big issue here. Did I open up a new sim and create a buzz about being the latest and greatest hair designer on the grid? No I did not.

    What exactly is the problem? Are you concerned for me personally? Worried that I might “look bad” or something? If I lived my RL or my SL worrying about what people think about me, it would be a pretty sad state of affairs.

    I am sure I am not the only hobbyist out there on the grid. I am sure there are people dabbling in making furniture, clothes and whatever else that might be side interest to their main businesses.

    So my friend gifted me some hair that is what did you call it “infamous”? Like I said, I do not get out much, and I do not keep track of what is famous or infamous.

    I do appreciate your concern and worry about “how I look”. It is very touching :)

    I “look” just the same as I did yesterday, the day before and will tomorrow. I am a resident of SL building and creating etc.

    Please send me a list of any other infamous freebies, so I do not make the simple mistake of human error again.

    And fyi, regardless of how you view me, or anyone else does – straight from Linden Lab: retexturing and then reselling freebies is not against TOS.

    Not that it matters to me, as I stated, I will not be using those hairstyles anymore. I do not know about you, but when a friend gives you a present, you show your appreciation by using it.

    Like wearing that sweater your grandmother gave you, when she comes over to visit. Simple. That is all it really was. It must be a slow couple of days on the grid LOL

  6. Hi :) I don’t think the issue was so much retexturing the hair as it was *selling* the freebie hair. I personally really liked the style with the holly. I’m sure that if, instead of taking it all down, you set it out as freebies you’d make a lot of people happy. And kudos for you on getting a hair kit to actually work (not Serabi’s :) I bought one eons ago to play with and could never wrap my head around the myriad instructions.

  7. The only 2 hair building kits I have ever come across were Sarabi’s one and another made up of Sarabi’s pieces and pieces of the stolen hair and freebie components just unlinked and thrown together as a hair building kit. It is still for sale on slx and the reviews show that it is a total scam.

    Selling freebies, known freebies, has a large impact on your creditablity as a designer. People are going to avoid designers who do this and the word does get out. Especially when your blog is so public on Fashion Worlds.

    Stick to the building hair from scratch, it is better that way. Natalia Zelmanov and Elika Tiramisu have great tutorials on making your own hair. Take a look at their blogs but avoid so-called hair kits at all costs. Finding the kit in search does not make it legit.

  8. “Selling freebies, known freebies, has a large impact on your credibility as a designer”

    I agree.

    Once the situation was made clear to me, I stopped using those hairstyles. As I have mentioned repeatedly.

    As far as “known” goes. I for one did NOT know. Now that I DO, I’ve adjusted things accordingly.

    So there is no issue with my credibility or otherwise, despite what a certain avid blogger might be trying to infer.

    I have been designing and building my clothing business in SL for over two years, and making one honest mistake once in all that time is a pretty good track record.

    Ok twice. There was that time I deleted half the floor of my store during an event – all the dancers fell into the huge hole – OOPSIE ;)

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