New Footwear!

As I was finishing up the latest new ADF texture boot, I also decided to add in two new colors to the Black Lace boots, and also offer separately the strappy High Heels from the Little Black Dress design.

Snowflake Boots

Black Leather with random falling snowflake appliques. I decided to bring back the signature ADF claw heel as well :)

Image Hosting by

These boots as well as Purple Lace, Red Lace boots and the Black Leather Strappy Heels are available in the ADF Footwear section to the left of The New Items wall at Ambergris Deadly Fashions ADF, Knot (245, 67, 81), my Online OnRez Storefront, and various of my vendor locations that feature my OnRez Footwear Vendor.

The boots are the usual 150L each, and the heels are 100L yay!

See below the fold for pics of other boots and the heels


Red Lace Boots

Image Hosting by

Purple Lace Boots

Image Hosting by

Black Leather Strappy Heels

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