Daily Archives: November 13, 2007

Draco! Draco!

Well it had to happen sooner or later; what with my everything dragon fetish and all hehe!

This gown feature dragon scale texturing with soft leather accents.

Available in 5 bold dragony colors: Red, Green, Gold, Blue and Purple

Thank you to Symphony Laval for suggesting the multiple tiers on the flex prim skirt!

(Also there is extra detail on the system skirt – have a different look without the prims)

See you on the runway!

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Part of my Fall Collection 2007, This Hand Drawn formal gown is available in 7 warm seasonal colors: Aqua, Blue, Gold, Green, Gold, Pink, Purple and Red

Comes with two flex prim skirt options, “mermaid” and full skirt. Panties, glitch pants, and gloves included

This is also the debut of my new photoshoot model: Java Laval! Look for her sexy curves in more design pics to come :)

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