Simone make an outfit named after me!!



It is called: Ambergris

She said in her group announcement: “Ambergris”….. named after our designer friend Ambergris Baphomet. WHY, do you ask? Because it’s cute, goth, slutty and cheap!


Of course it only list for 150L and you can get it at Simone! Design sim



I love how she include dragon eyes on the box and dragony accents on the design (she know me so well!) weehooo!!

*lot and lot of hugs for Simoooone!*


Me dancing happy in the design at Simone’s hehe! ;)

2 responses to “eeeeeee!!

  1. Calamity Hathaway

    {{{{Amber}}}} Im hugging you!
    The Simone dress IS YOU!!! Its gorgeous and sweet and dangerously sexy all at the same time just like YOU!!!! And of course anyone who knows you will be so happy that the dragon motif is in the dress too! Happy for you Amber!

  2. yay!!
    *huggs Clam* :D

    Simone also just release this outfit in Purple now! weehoo!!

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