Daily Archives: November 1, 2007


Simone make an outfit named after me!!



It is called: Ambergris

She said in her group announcement: “Ambergris”….. named after our designer friend Ambergris Baphomet. WHY, do you ask? Because it’s cute, goth, slutty and cheap!


Of course it only list for 150L and you can get it at Simone! Design sim



I love how she include dragon eyes on the box and dragony accents on the design (she know me so well!) weehooo!!

*lot and lot of hugs for Simoooone!*


Me dancing happy in the design at Simone’s hehe! ;)


These are Hand Drawn gowns that I just love ~ and I hope you will too!

I have been experimenting with the semi-medieval square neckline look with the higher sleeves. I think this is the second or third gown that have this method of creating that look and feel to the bodice.

The gowns have semi sheer panels on the underprims on the flex skirt, bluestone jeweled accents, and of course come with a pair of panties ;)

I chose gemstone names for the five colors available, to keep the jeweled theme going. This gown, like most of my others, goes just lovely without the prims.

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