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Pink is the new Black!

Sexy-Cute flexy minidress outfit that comes with a lot of goodies:

AmberStrands Babette hair with optional flexy bows with ribbons, panties, matching ADF boots with asymetrical design and lil flexy bow in the front.

Inspired by Yasmin Petrov who loves her pink, yes she does!

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Available at Ambergris Deadly Fashions (ADF), Knot (245, 67, 81), and of course my OnRez Storefront


AmberStrands Project

Few months back I decided to dabble in making hair. Creating clothing is my primary focus, but I love to take on side projects. Why? It is interesting and fun :) And it is nice to step aside from what you do everyday, and do something different now and then.

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Dark Orion

Holiday formal gown with celestial sheen and lots of starshine

Comes with panties and glitch pants

Jagged edged design on the sleeves and hemline of the underskirt


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(Click smaller pic for larger views)

Hair in pics is Dierdre from Calico, skin from Nora and shoes from Sylfie. Get this design at the New Items Wall at Ambergris Deadly Fashions (ADF), Knot (245, 67, 81)

23 Skiddoo!

Coo Coo Ka Choo!

1920’s strappy little red dress with Feather headbad and ciggie w/holder

Panties, gloves and stockings included

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The Sylfie

This design is a collaboration between myself and Sylfie Minogue of Sylfie’s Prim Seduction.

Shiny slick leather is the highlight of this design, and Sylfie has provided the matching short boots to complete the look. Of course the boots are named “Amber” ;)

Cross ties on the front and back of the barely there top which also has arm bracers. G-String and matching leggings to round off this daring look nicely.

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New Footwear!

As I was finishing up the latest new ADF texture boot, I also decided to add in two new colors to the Black Lace boots, and also offer separately the strappy High Heels from the Little Black Dress design.

Snowflake Boots

Black Leather with random falling snowflake appliques. I decided to bring back the signature ADF claw heel as well :)

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These boots as well as Purple Lace, Red Lace boots and the Black Leather Strappy Heels are available in the ADF Footwear section to the left of The New Items wall at Ambergris Deadly Fashions ADF, Knot (245, 67, 81), my Online OnRez Storefront, and various of my vendor locations that feature my OnRez Footwear Vendor.

The boots are the usual 150L each, and the heels are 100L yay!

See below the fold for pics of other boots and the heels


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The Little Black Dress done up in soft black leather with peek-a-boo bustier.

Comes with matching panties, sheer stockings and a pair of ADF strappy high heels

(Click smaller pics for larger views)

LBD with Strappy Heels

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Available on New Items Wall at Ambergris Deadly Fashions, Knot (245, 67, 81). Hair in pics is AmberStrands Bobbie w/messy bangs, Skin from Celestial Studios

Slickety Addicts

Three members of the Ambergris Addicts Group show off in the Slickety Black design!

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