Fall Florals

This gown is a nod to the season. Not that there is any weather to speak of in Second Life, but what better way to feel warm and toasty then to drape your avatar in one of these autumnal formal gowns?

Hand Drawn for you delight, featuring fall flower texturing, long cozy sleeves, panties and comes with a free matching jewelry set!

The flex prims are full and float around you as you move and dance. Delicious without the prims as well. Available in 5 warm colors: Red, Gold, Green, Blue and Purple.

See below for pictures, info on where to get these and your special invite to the HUGE Ambergris Design Party scheduled for later on this eve :)

Fall Floral Gowns

ffgoldpic1.jpg ffgreenpic2.jpg ffbluepic.jpg fallfloralpurpleframe.jpg

Hair in pics is one of my absolute favorites by Calico: Dierdre

Shoes are Sylfie: but of course!

And skin by Nora ~ my favorite!


These gowns are available now on the New Items Wall at Ambergris ~ Deadly Fashions, Knot (208, 62, 81), use the link on the top toolbar of this blog to TP right there! Soon to be listed on my OnRez Online Storefront as well!


Ambergris Tuesdays!
Every Week 5pm at The Haute Spot

Anything Goes! As usual ;) This week’s theme is Poison Ivy Green, and I have it on good authority that our very own Pushy WILL be there!

You are invited! You do NOT want to miss this week’s festivities: Our Live DJ Amelia Tandino will be burning up the airwaves, even MORE free designs and goodies being given out, AVAlanche money ball is cranked to fever pitch…

Surprises, Cash Giveaways, HUGE money in the Contest Prize pot.. and more!

Need Green? Browse Here, get green get Sexy… and I will

See you there :)



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