Lady Spider

Weave your web… cast your spell….

This gown is the first in what I hope will be a month full of fantasy, fun, costumes, goth/vamp and Halloween designs!

October is also a special month for me, as it when I officially opened my store :) This month celebrates my 2nd year store anniversary, and I plan to make the most of it.

This gown has of course the spider web motif for the texture and features some other design “perks” as well. The bodice has the square line to it, with the sleeves accenting the shape, and the decolatage just spills out over the top ;)

Underneath on the flex prims are whispy very sheer spider web-like panels, that peek out when you move and dance. The system skirt has a jagged hemline reminiscent of my Bewitched gown. mmmm lovely….

As usual, I gave the Ambergris Addicts Group and the ADF Elite and Top Models first grabs, and it has be flying off the shelves. See the pics and other info below the fold (click on thumbnails for larger views), and also a lil update on some drastic changes to the store decor to kick off my anniversary celebrations! (bats??!?) *giggles*

In pictures ~
Hair: AmberStrands ~ Gina
Skin: Nora
Shoes: Sylfie




You can get this gown right now at my OnRez Online Storefront by clicking HERE, and it is also available at the main store location, and many of my vendor locations around SL. Enjoy! Prowl…..


The store has been given a makeover! Gone are the warm textured walls and linen carpeting. Replaced by dark stone and blood red accenting.

Beware of the bats flying around! Creepy sounds (ghostly laughter, screams, thunder etc) have replaced the FemDomRadio stream for this month. Cobwebs and pumpkins, autumn leaves, ghostly figures…. did you see that?


hehe! Enjoy!


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