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Some Menswear!

Poor guys! They have been a little bit ignored this month while I have been spoiling the ladies. I admit that Menswear is not my forte and I also figured that with Simone’s new Menswear Line ~ they were well taken care of.

But anyhow, today I have two designs that I hope the guys will like:

Darkness Suit

Another movie inspired design. This Hand Drawn design is based on something the alter-ego character wore in that movie Mr. Brooks. It comes with jacket and tails, button down shirt and matching belted trousers.

Talax Tux Suits

These two fun designs are based on the very colorful and out of this world fashion stylings of Neelix from Star Trek Voyager. The first suit is Daybreak – with the lighter textures, and the second is Midnight with the darker blue hues.

Talaxian formal wear? Maybe! Both suits come with jacket/shirt, matching trousers and optional suit tails, I tried to create in that odd sloping shape “as seen on TV”. ;)

See the pics below and special invite to today’s Wild Ambergris Fashion Party!

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Satin Queen

Lovely satin ballgown with jeweled bodice, matching ruffled skirt and prim skirt.

Comes in four colors: Scarlet, Amethyst, Gold and Emerald

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Hot Lava!

Sometimes you run out of fancy names for your designs. hehe!

So this 2-in-1 design is called Hot Lava ;)

Sexy red and gold pantsuit and fun flirty matching flex mini. Options are good!


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Slickety Scarlet

What’s red and black, slippery and slick and




Buckles and straps… latex and leather

Garters and stockings….

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Autumn Days

Warm Fall colors are the highlight of this satiny little dress :)

Bustier top with a little bow, matching ruffled flexi armlet sleeves, shifting darker texturing on the skirt and matching flex panels. Comes with panties too!

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Been There, Done That

Got the T-shirt?

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Something scintillating in red.

Why not?

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Top with revealing front and arm bracers with ties, Matching skirt, full floating prim skirt, panties. Bohemian floral texturing accents on top and skirt.

Hair in pics is AmberStrands ~ Gina, Shoes by Sylfie, skin w/matching nail polish by Nora


Fall Florals

This gown is a nod to the season. Not that there is any weather to speak of in Second Life, but what better way to feel warm and toasty then to drape your avatar in one of these autumnal formal gowns?

Hand Drawn for you delight, featuring fall flower texturing, long cozy sleeves, panties and comes with a free matching jewelry set!

The flex prims are full and float around you as you move and dance. Delicious without the prims as well. Available in 5 warm colors: Red, Gold, Green, Blue and Purple.

See below for pictures, info on where to get these and your special invite to the HUGE Ambergris Design Party scheduled for later on this eve :)

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