Starshine and Surprise!

Starshine is the sister gown to the Stardust gown and a must have Formal for those wanting to kick off the holiday season in style

The highlight of this design is the flesh-baring open back, and the subtle hints of leather mingled in with the starry texture.

It comes with panties and glitch pants as well. Delightful! Please click on the smaller thumbnails for larger views.


Hair in pics is AmberStrands ~ Margot with Color Change Hairband, and skin is of course my favorite from Nora :)

You can get this gown right now at OnRez online shopping by clicking HERE, and this design is now available at my main Store location: Ambergris ~ Deadly Fashions, Knot (208, 62, 81) and my other vendor locations around SL



I logged in today to a wonderful surprise! Arabeth Laval had reviewed one of my designs: Slickety Black! I must say it is very rare in SL to have a spontaneous review – meaning one that is done without the designer handing out designs to fashion bloggers.

I am so thrilled and excited! It really just made my day :) Arabeth’s blog Sexy Second is now on the Blogroll and you can read the review by clicking HERE yay!


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