Photo Contest Winners!!

Congrats to all the entrants!!

This contest was a lot of fun and all the pictures were wonderful :D Thank you to everyone who voted!

I tallied all the votes I recieved (both from this blog and via IM), from the start of contest to the finish (last Sun 6pm SLT), and while it was VERY close – we did not need to break any ties (phew!)


1st place: Pushy Fitzgerald wearing Ambergris design Never Again in Moss!


Pushy wins 300L and will work with me to help design an outfit that will bear her name.


2nd Place: Starla Jewell wearing Ambergris design Black Swan


Starla wins 150L and two free Ambergris designs of her choice.


3rd Place: Martyn Upshaw wearing Ambergris design Rose Red


Martyn wins 100L and a free Ambergris design of his choice.


The Bonus Prize??? Who won that?? What is it??

I met with my wonderful Judges, Elizabeth Wood and Symphony Laval, and well we could not decide amongst the other entries. I think I even passed out at one point while we were trying to come to a decision lol!

So the remaining entries ALL win a Taco!!! Well those who are not Ambergris Addicts are probably wondering WTF??

Well Taco is very special. If you happen to find one inside one of the Dragon Eggs that sometimes get laid around my land, you get to hand it in to Symphony to get a FREE OUTFIT!

Well the same goes for these Tacos but instead of a free outfit, these happy winners can hand theirs in to Symphony Laval to get the AmberStrands hairstyle of their choice yay!!

Banana Vella
Chablis Crabgrass
chloedolph Oh
FlameRose Dagger
Heidi Hammerer
Joia Lane
Scarlit Pink

WTG Everyone!! The next Ambergris Addicts Photo Contest will be in a few week, so join the group if you wish to enter, and get those cameras clicking :)


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