Happy Rezday to Me!

Well I am two years old now :) My rezday came and went quietly. I do not make too much of a big deal about it really. I mostly have big celebrations and sales and things on the “rezday” of my 1st store opening.

Sometime next month, so keep eyes peeled for that yay!


I was just sitting and thinking about a few things, and I guess my SL Birthday (technically the 18th, I think) is as good a reason as any to get my thoughts out.

I have been thinking a bit about customer service.

A few customer recently, and also in the previous months have been surprised when I help them out when they have some problems or questions.

For me, that is part and parcel of who I am, not to mention I feel that as a business owner, and especially as a retailer, customer service should be a very big part of what you do.

All of us are consumers whether in RL or SL or both. We have all had those moments where something has gone wrong with a purchase.

For me is no big deal to refund someone if they accidentally bought something twice. They return the extra item, and I refund. Mind you, I DO check my account history, to make sure ~ again just good business practice ~ but so many are surprised that I would even reply back to their message, much less actually help to solve the issue.

That make me wonder what other business people are doing out there. Are they ignoring their customers? Refusing to look into problems and see if they can be solved?


I know that I also got very sad about someone blaming the fact they could not see anything in my store, on me. I am well aware of the limitations of SL, and I do not use huge textures like this person just assumed I did.

Everyone would like to have their stores rez fast and wonderful all the time, but there are some things that are beyond our control.

What I would like to say here really, is that everyone on both sides ~ business owner and consumer ~ be aware of how things can be. I can only speak for myself, so I will say this here right now:

Do not ever hesitate to come to me with a question, comment or a concern about any item you have bought, tried to buy and did not recieve, or anything really. I will do my best to resolve the situation, with the tools I have at hand.

I personally would much rather know right away that I had accidentally packed the wrong outfit in a box, or that you paid for a transaction and did not recieve merchandise, or there is a big oopsie on a texture or seam etc, than NOT to know.


You are helping yourself to get what you paid for, and you are also helping other shoppers coming along behind you. If there is something that need to be fix, and I fix it: So much better for everyone all around :)

I have also put Mod/Transfer permissions on my clothing with clear intent. That they can be modified to suit your own tastes, and avatar shapes. That you can give gifts. I am also available to help with any mods, prim skirt fittings, tints etc.

My store business bears my name, and that should speak volumes on how important it is to me to make sure that my customers are happy :)

Thank you for listening to my post-birthday ramblings. Keep those Photo Contest votes coming! All my IMs go to my email so feel free to send votes in that way too, as many others have already weeeehooo!!!

love and huggs,

AmbergrisRed Suede Swing

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