Photo Contest: Vote :)

yay! The first ever Ambergris Addicts Photo Contest! (There will be MORE of course)

The entries were absolutely fantastic :) The rules for voting are very simple:

1. One vote per avatar. You do not even need to be an Ambergris Addict Group member!

2. TWO ways to vote: (a) Send Ambergris Baphomet an in-world IM with (first and last) name of pictured avie and/or name of outfit; (b) Post your choice on the comments here on the blog ~ you can be anonymous or otherwise :)

3. Me and my two charming judges (Symphony Laval and Elizabeth Wood) will have the last say/sort out any ties/award the Special Bonus Prize after voting ends.

So Easy!



(Gorgeous picture of Judge Elizabeth “Woodie” Wood! I had to add this in. She is wearing Calliope in Purple. You cannot vote for Woodie here, but you CAN on the 12Avatars yay!)


The pictures to vote on will be listed in no particular order except for alphabetical by avie name, below the fold, and you will have until 6pm on Sunday September 23rd to get you votes in!

Note: Contest Entrants you may vote for yourselves if you wish ~ I did say this was easy ;) After all, we must first love ourselves before we can love anyone else *giggles*

Please click on the thumbnail Contest Entry Pics to see the larger views and get those votes in right now yay!!

Ambergris Addict: Banana Vella

Wearing her favorite Ambergis Design: Dark Fire


Ambergris Addict: Chablis “Chablee” Crabgrass


Wearing her favorite Ambergris Design: Octopussy


Ambergris Addict: chloedolph Oh


Wearing her favorite Ambergris Design: The Dietrich


Ambergris Addict: FlameRose Dagger


Wearing her favorite Ambergris Design: Red Gothik Mini w/ADF Boots


Ambergris Addict: Heidi “Hoo!” Hammerer


Wearing her favorite Ambergris Design: Dark Red Gossamer


Ambergris Addict: Joia Lane


Wearing her favorite Ambergris Design: Tierney Black


Ambergris Addict: Martyn Upshaw


Wearing his favorite Ambergris Design: Rose Red


Ambergris Addict: Pushy “Pooshey” Fitzgerald


Wearing her favorite Ambergris Design: Never Again in Moss


Ambergris Addict: SCARLIT Pink


Getting stuck in/unpacking her favorite Ambergris Design: Tango Dots in Pink


Ambergris Addict: Starla Jewell

Wearing her favorite Ambergris Design: Black Swan


Yay!! Get those Votes in!!!



26 responses to “Photo Contest: Vote :)

  1. Voting for …
    Starla Jewell wearing Black Swan

  2. Redrock Longstaff

    1 for pushy fitzgerald,she is sizzling,ssss!!!

  3. I vote for Pushy Fitzgerald

  4. My vote has to go to Martyn Upshaw! A truly glamorous, romantic shot, like out of some old Truffaut film. Gotta love that pose, too! *hehe* :)

  5. Starla Jewell is the one – she hass my vote – a gorgeous look and a poised lady !

  6. STARLA Jewell, Black Swan

  7. Starla Jewell, Black Swan x

  8. aww, thanks everyone who has voted for me esp you Hugo, mucho smoochies to my sexay man:D

  9. Musimba Yellowknife

    Ack! I forgot about the contest!
    Anyway, I’m giving my vote to Starla Jewell in Black Swan because she is able to stand on a beach while wearing high heels.

  10. My vote goes to….Pushy Fitzgerald wearing Never Again in Moss. Pretty nice pic and nice clothes.

  11. I would like to vote for me please Amber *giggles*



  12. I vote for Pushy Fritzerald wearing Never Againin Moss.Take me to the moon…. anytime.

  13. I vote for Starla Jewell!!

    Starla Jewell – Black Swan!!

  14. I vote for Pushy Fitzgerald wearing Never Again Moss. Such a great gal.. looks and personality!

  15. Pushy Fritzerald in Never Again in Moss

  16. Pushy Fritzerald in Never Again in Moss

  17. Martyn Upshaw in Rose Red

  18. I’m also voting for Martyn Upshaw looking delicate as a rose in Rose Red *g*

  19. lynndia georgette

    There is no doubt in my vote – Pushy Fitzgerald in Never Again in Moss. =)))

  20. my vote goes to Mr. Upshaw wearing Rose Red like I’ve seen no man wear it before and pull it off so beautifully. One of my favourite designs as well. *blows a soft kiss to sweet Miss Marty*

  21. Adrienne Beliveau

    Pushy Fitzgerald in Never Again in Moss.
    Absolutely Stunning!!!!!

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  23. Pushy Pushy, Pretty Pretty

  24. Starla Jewell in Black Swan, beautiful

  25. Pushy Fitzgerald, she’s hot!

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