The Sharron Gown

I love this gown!

It was one of those wonderful happenstance things. I happened to bump into Ambergris Enthusiast sharron Nikolaidis as she was browsing and showing the store to her handsome companion. (Who by the way was looking incredible in Ennui’s Lestat suit woo!)

Really I do enjoy meeting my customers, and sharron was looking stunning herself in one of my Lacy Gowns yay! We chatted for a bit and then they went off to a vampiric location to dance the night away ;)

The end result was inspiration and learning of sharron’s latest favorite color, I created this gown and named it after her. As you know, I adore to paint and draw, and that is exactly what I did.

The gown has harlequin type diamonds on the texturing throughout, and the patterning is asymetrical, which gives this design a unique look. As with all of my flex gowns, if you ever need to leave the prims behind in your closet: you will still look absolutely wonderful!

Please click the smaller pics for larger views.

Image Hosting by sharronframe.jpg sharronbackpic.jpg

This gown is available on the New Items Wall at Ambergris ~ Deadly Fashions, Knot (208, 62, 81), many of my vendor locations around SL and of course on my OnRez Online Shopping Storefront.

The hair pictured is AmberStrands ~ Babette with Color Change Hiarbands, Shoes are Sylfie. sharron loves this gown too, and I know you will as well :) Enjoy!


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