Sea Green Gown

There has been a lot of requests for more green designs, so I was happy to make this gown :) Since green is “my color” and love adding to my collection of green creations hehe!

I started out with a lighter color of green than usual, and began to paint. It was a lot of fun! I chose the name Flotsam for the gown. I was thinking about maybe “Sea Foam” or something, but flotsam is much more quirky ;)

The gown has a sexy halter style top, and the prims are light and floaty. Please see below the fold for pictures (be sure to click on the smaller ones for larger views), and a sneak preview of the Photo Contest for the Ambergris Addicts Group yay!

Flotsam: Sea Green Gown


The hair in the pictures is AmberStrands ~ Bobbie (Blonde) w/Color Change Hairband, The shoes are Sylfie, and the skin is Nora

This gown is available at Ambergris ~ Deadly Fashions, Knot (208, 62, 81) on the New Items Wall and very soon on my OnRez Storefront and other of my vendor locations :)




Sneak Preview: Photo Contest!

The Ambergris Addicts came up with this idea, and I think it will be a lot of fun :) They have a week to send me photos of themselves in their favorite ADF designs.

Then we all vote for the one we like the best! (I will have all the entries available for viewing and voting on a blog post) I have selected Symphony Laval and Elizabeth Wood to help me make the final decisions :)


First Prize: 300L and design named after the winner

Second Prize: 150L and TWO free Ambergris designs

Third Prize: 100L and free Ambergris design

Special Bonus Prize: TBA ;)

Below is a peek at the first three entries. I love how creative the Group members are! Really lovely photos :) Click the thumbnails for the larger views plse. Keep eyes peeled for the official contest post!



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