How To Party

I am not sure how we keep doing it, but each week at the Ambergris Tuesday Party (every week 5pm SLT) at The Haute Spot keeps getting better and better :)

It could be one of those SL things. A magic combination of certain elements perhaps?

A great venue. What’s not to love about a club dedicated to Fashion, Models and Shopping? Every week we have more and more Ambergris Addicts Group members come out and dance, mix and mingle :)


AFD Models have been known to stop in too yay!! We have a LIVE DJ: Amelia Tandino, playing a wonderful mix of music, taking requests and dedications.

Symphony Laval, our lovely proprietess seems to love to pump up the Hautest Avie Contest money to insane levels; and with the installation of the AVAlanche money ball and ADF Gift Orb: the excitement level can get pretty high!


Symphony cheered me up after the loss of my Amber-Foo, by giving me a dance Chim, and this week I had finally gotten some new dances, and it was time to test out the Amber-Chim!

The pic above is some of the After Partiers from this weeks event braving the dance selection hehe! We had a wonderful time, and met fantastic people, and had a big tie for the Hautest Avie Contest: WTG Cotton and Calamity!!

See everyone next week at Le Haute!


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