This is really an experiment gown.

Sometimes when the Muse speaks, I have some difficulties interpreting whatever she is try to say to me LOL

You can read about the journey of this gown HERE and I guess I can describe it now :)


This gown comes with two top options. One with the long very sheer sleeves, and one without sleeves. It also has a jacket for more modest ladies. Or if you want to have the continuous texture from breast to hip.

The highlight of this gown despite the seam problems I had, is the very full (double!) flex skirt! The outer panels are very very sheer and the whole thing float so wonderful

Please see below the fold for pics and more info on this gown and where to get it, if you are into wearing “AmberExperiments” LOL!

Aurelia sleeveless top


With Jacket Top and back views with sheer sleeves


Hair in the pictures is AmberStrands ~ Babette in Blonde w/Color Change Hairbands

Shoes: Sylfie (of course!)


Available ONLY on the New Items wall at Ambergris ~ Deadly Fashions, Knot (208, 62, 81 (at least for now)


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