My OnRez Updates

I have been a busy little bee with getting my OnRez Storefront fleshed out.

For those who find it hard to get up to the balcony in store, I have added most of the Pret a Porter designs from my Dark Weddings. You can see the gowns, including Bride, Bride’s Maid and Flower girl HERE and the grooms suits are available HERE at the Formals link.

The wedding veils sold separately, the other formal suits and tuxes and the matching Sylfie shoes are of course available in store on the balcony. I am working on some matching bouquets and other floral accessories. Thank you Ayeshe Millions for the wonderful bouquet pose yay!

One of the things I love so much about OnRez (aside from the easy vendor setups!), is how the catagories are built up. As you add in your items, a link list of the catagories you chose are automatically created on you storefront.

Want to see my gothic designs? No problem, just CLICK HERE!

Want to see AmberStrands hair? So easy, just CLICK HERE!

ADF Texture Boots? CLICK!

And so on hehe! You get the idea. Please see below the fold for pics of some of the Dark Weddings designs.

Crimson Bloom Wedding Gown. All sets are also available in Gold, Purple and Blue

(please click smaller pics for larger views) Enjoy!


Sapphire Tux with Tails


Flower Girl with Slippers


Bride’s Maid Gown


Golden Asia Suit


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