Estrella and 104!

Lovely gown that hints at the celestial with the texturing along the bodice and skirt.

Scoop neck in front, show off bare skin on the back, hints of semi-sheer throughout.

Comes with matching panties and also looks quite lovely without the prims



Today also marks a milestone for ADF:

At the weekly Haute Spot Ambergris Tuesday Fashion Party we went from 95 Ambergris Addicts Group members to 104!!

To celebrate hitting the hundred mark (and beyond!) the Contest Prize was bumped up from 500L to 1500L and the Avalanche pot showered over 1K linden to party goers :)

*happy sniffles* :DD going from two members to over 100 has been a wonderful journey and I would not change a thing. Looking forward to the journey to the next 100 weehoo!!

The party lasted long past the “official” hour and a half, and during the after party, we broke out the Night Dreams gowns and danced like a field of flowers in the sun :D


2 responses to “Estrella and 104!

  1. Congratulations on your milestone, Anbergris! That picture with so many people wearing Night Dreams is absolutely lovely as well.

    I can’t wait to see Estrella up close!

  2. thank you :) That was an amazing day!

    I know you will love Estrella :) *huggs!*

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