Slick: Menswear

Sometime last month I made these shirts for the guys, but as you can see I took my time in getting them photogaphed and out on my walls hehe!

They are paired with the Lickety Slick Goth Pants, and feature semi-sheer mesh panels ~ fun fun fun!

Shirt colors are: Black (of course!), Red, Green, Blue and Purple and the outfit is Mod/Trans just as all of my design are: ADF is all about gift giving :)

See below the fold for the pics and a special Fashion Party invite!

Do not forget to click on the thumbnails for larger pic views


Available on the New Items Wall at Ambergris Deadly Fashions, and of course on my OnRez online Storefront yay!


Symphony Laval has something Extra Special cooked up for this week’s Ambergris Tuesday at The Haute Spot! I am not sure what it is exactly, but I know for sure you do not want to miss this!

The festivities begin at 5pm SLT on Tuesday, and what I DO know for sure, is that the ADF Gift Orb will be tossing out FREE Ambergris designs, money giveouts, The Hautest Avatar Contest, wild dancing, fashion, models and great people will be happening!

See you tomorrow at The Haute :)


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