Bathory is a Hand Drawn goth/vamp gown that feature a lovely tiered bustle flex skirt. It comes with glitch pants and matching panties.

I debut this gown first with the Ambergris Addicts ~ they love it! My mentor Simone Stern had this to say when she saw me wearing it:

“amber that is THE prettiest thing you have EVER made”


And Avid Ambergris Addict Pushy Fitzgerald had this to say the second she logged in and saw the notice about the gown:

“I said, Damn TPs had better work, I have to have that unbelievable gown”


I love this gown too and I hope you will as well :D please see below the fold for pictures, an update on my latest pet and how it is hanging out with some of the Addicts *giggles*

Please click on the thumbnail pics to see the larger photos



I got to hang out with Ambergris Addicts: Crystal Ellison and Pushy Fitzgerald! Behold the “Bathory Triplets”! hehe!


We also went down to the Ambergris Arts Runway and vamped and posed around :) We took a peek to see who the campers were too. So cute! One dancing on the bar and one bartending :D


Pushy is wearing dancing design Red Suede Swing, and Crystal is wearing the lovely Masala gown. Yes we look so fabulous!


Aside from creating new gowns, I took a little time to go back to Grendel’s Children and hatch out another Drakelet. This one was going to be very special, I could tell. It took MUCH longer time to hatch out than Vlissara did!

Finally little Gronda hatched out: her scales matching my gown perfectly yay!

Have fun, Shop HARDER and have a wonderful holiday weekend those in the US :)


2 responses to “Bathory

  1. HellsAngel McMahon

    Lol, I am one of the campers, saw u talking about my friend Nuncee and me in chat when i got back at my pc later on. I love camping behind/on your bar :-D

  2. yay! We love having you guys! :) You looked so cute dancing on the bar :D

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