Back to Basics

With the fiasco of Knot Sim going down, I decided it was time to take a little break. A little Summery Vacation of sorts. But I did document my wistful yearnings as I stood on the edge of neighboring sim and gazed at my poofed store *giggles*

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Someone had told me about these really cool pet dragons, and I decided that I would check them out for myself. What I loved about them, is you get to hatch them out from the egg and everything!

I was pleasantly surprised to find out it was Psyra Extraordinaire who was behind this whimsical way to get a lil dragon ~ or drakelet as they are called. The sim is Grendel’s Children and will update with a SLurl when I remember hehe!

Psyra is known for his amazing avian avatars, and his incredible eye for detail, and scripting talent extends toward these wonderful dragons too. The process is not for the impatient however!

And really that is what I loved the most. You buy the egg and it comes in a carrier, and you have to wander around and explore the sims to find magical spots that will encourange your egg to hatch.

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The detail on just the carrier itself is amazing! Lots of padded straps to make sure you don’t DROP the egg or anything hehe! And well I will leave the rest up to you to find out, on you own egg hatching adventures.

I found a magical spot, and after a while my egg hatched! Out crawled this lovely little drakelet! I contacted Psyra to gush about everything ;) and also to ask about the name, since the hatching arrived already named. He said that all of them have the name “Vliss”.

Well since I really liked that name, I only modified it a tiny bit: Meet Vlissara! The latest addition to my family :)

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She is wonderful :) She puffs smoke, breathes fire, blinks with nictitating eye membranes (yes did I mention attention to detail??) She speaks with jaw movements, and swishes her flexy tail around.

yay! All this pure happiness for only 30L ~ amazing :)


I am also taking a break from doing my Weekly Tuesday 2pm Fashion Show. I will resume the shows sometime in September. But if you are lucky, you can catch glimpses of the ADF Elite Models showcasing my designs at the main store location!

I am all about partying and relaxing for a little bit. My friend Lazzerio Laxness popped in to visit me the other day. He is the one who started the Lazz Azz (ass out!) leather pants phenom.

He had also recently did another custom order, which lead to me creating all those wonderful summer shorts for the guys. Here is dancing in the Tribal Purple ones :)

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Yes I DO have a dance machine out at the store, and various couples dance balls scattered around as well. I create a lot of “dancing designs” so maybe, you might wish to try them out right then and there ;)

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We had to show off our Stickman Shades of course while we boogied down ;) More pics and updates after the fold! Some long lost show pics, and a little bit of apres-show runway romance….

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This is a peek from the Selena Granville show, when she was a Guest Designer. The house was packed and the models had a wonderful time showing her gorgeous gowns :)

The AmbergrisArts Events Area can get pretty busy even when there is no show scheduled. Blaze “Montaleee!” Montale dropped by to visit me, and we danced amid a flurry of snowflakes. yay! I love Blazie ~ she is the best!

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Another one of my long lost pics from the weekly show. This was one of the wilder ones, with standing room only and everyone having a wonderful time :)

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Apparently fashion really gets people in the mood, as after one of the shows, ADF Elite Model, Smokie Signals was swept off her feet and back onto the runway for a romantic waltz by Stuart hehe!

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Yes, that is the Clio Gown she is wearing ;)

And finally one last picture. Me and Vlissara going back to sim’s edge to see if we could wish Knot Sim back into existence. (it did not work btw lol) Even though the sim is back online now, the performance has gone from bad to worse.

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Makes me wonder if they switched servers while it was down :( Due to it being so iffy, many of my recent OnRez vendor and website transactions did not go through. Simone graciously invited me to put my OnRez Dropboxes in her sim instead ~ problem solved!

Thank you Simmy *huggs* :)

See everyone at the Ambergris Fashion Party Tues eve 5pm at The Haute Spot!


2 responses to “Back to Basics

  1. Just for clarity’s sake… ;)

    The drakelets were created by Flea Bussy (Primwork and such) and the hatching system designed and scripted by Piper Zuhal. My place in the mechanism was scripting the talking and namechanging into the finished drakelets (along with Piper who assisted with improving this script a lot) :)

    That doesn’t mean there’s no plans to release another sort of pet besides Drakelets… consider my profile picture inworld to be a hint. :D

  2. Thank you for clear that up Psyra :) I get so carried away when I find something I like *giggles*
    More pets!?! *peeks at profile* ;) yay!

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