Dita Vamp and Tierney

Getting back to gothy with these two new gowns :)

I have been exploring some black and white photography of iconic women to get some more inspiration for my designs. I came up with both designs while on my journey.

I wish I could say they were available at my store, but Knot Sim has been down for I am not sure how long. You can however get both gowns at my Transylvania mini-store and Tierney at my Club Makoto location.

For the coordinates please see the About link at the top of this blog, or teleport directly from off of my Profile Picks in world.

Update 8/16/97: Knot Sim is back online, although extremely laggy. Hopefully it will have smoother sailing soon :) Both gowns are available there at New Items wall.


Dita Vamp


This gown is black leather lusciousness! Bodice with arm bracers, skirt, flex skirt and panties. Hair in pics is AmberStrands ~ Margot (coming soon!)

Click thumbnail for larger views




This is an ultra formal gown that includes top, gloves, skirt, panties, sheer stockings and tiered flex skirt. Now also be available in Red and Black at Main Store and OnRez.


Both gowns are wonderful without the prims, and will be available Online at my OnRez store as soon as Knot sim come back online. Hair in pics feature AmberStrands ~ Gina

Shoes are Sylfie’s Tempo in Red (of course!) hehe ~ Skin is my favorite by Nora :)




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