Goings On

Oh this is just a post showing some of what I have been doing in the past week or so ~ aside from making pretty gowns and hair for everyone hehe! Be sure to click the thumbnails for the larger views :)



At one of the Virtual Angels Pub Crawl events. This was at My Blue Heaven Jazz & Blues Club. Sitting with Mairead Fitzgerald! I also got to dance with Stickman and Nazz Lane :)



Dancing at Transylvania! Getting to be in DJ Moaria Faddoul‘s “Rockettes” lineup was a lot of fun! One of my fav places to go and relax, and let my hair down for a bit.



Barbie Starr catches me sleeping on the job! Well setting up a vendor location can be very tiring *giggles* ;)



Blessing the runway before one of the weekly What The Fashion? Tuesday shows.



Dancing and getting to meet the early arrivals at last week’s show yay!!



The partying continued at The Haute Spot later on that eve :)



More work ;) Setting up the new designs in the New Items Nook



Dancing ballet with Smokie Signals! I love her ballet HUD. We used it at the Dancing Designs show :D



Amber for sale! Simone boxed me up nicely :)

Was promotion for the Virtual Angels Yardsale ~ going on only thru Aug 12th! So get there, and donate and get great creations of all kinds for only 100L each! yay!



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