Calliope ~ Three Colors

Calliope is the chief of the Nine Muses, and the muse of epic or heroic poetry. This gown has a lot of dramatic flair to it, and I think it live up to her name quite well :)

This gown is available in Red, Blue and Purple. The top has longer arm bracers with jeweled details to match the accents on the front and back of the bodice.

Gold weaving flows down the side of the skirt, and is echoed in the full silhouette flex prim skirt as well. Matching flex waist scarf for added style and balance on the opposite side. This gown, like most of my others, goes gorgeous without the prims!

Click the thumbnails for larger views



Hair in pics is AmberStrands ~ Bobbie w/Color Change Hairband , Coming Soon!
Skin: Nora
Shoes: Tempo, by Sylfie

Available on the New Items Wall at Ambergris ~ Deadly Fashions, Knot (208, 62, 81)



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