The next offering in my Goddess and Muse Series is Melpomene ~ Named after the Muse of Tragedy.

This gown was going to have a darker look and feel to it because of that, but The Muse had other ideas it seems. When she speaks, the Artist must heed, else end up more crazier than they already are ;)

Lush texturing is the highlight of this design, with a bodice that while on the skimpier side, still seems regal. The skirt continues the texture theme, and is expressed again with the flex prim skirt.

Matching flex bow at the back, glitch pants and black panties complete this outfit.
Comes with FREE matching jewelry set as shown: pendant and earrings.

Hair in the pictures is AmberStrands ~ Gina

(Click for larger views)


I am still not over by Blue and Red thing it seems hehe! You can get these designs at the New Items Wall, Ambergris ~ Deadly Fashions, Knot (208, 62, 81)

And very soon at my OnRez Store for quick Online Shopping



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