Bobbie, Gina & Genki: Hair!

Please CLICK HERE for Current Designs created by Ambergris Deadly Fashions :)


The debut hairstyles at AmberStrands are here! yay! I am SO excited :) The FIRST person in SL to grab hair was Chablis Crabgrass an avid Ambergris Addict weehooo!! She was in the store in seconds after the group announcement hehe!

Go Chablis :D

Three new styles for starters (please click thumbnails for larger views) :


An adorable little 20’s style short bob, with curls at the temples, and flexy whispy tendrils.
Available in 4 Colors: Black, Red, Blonde and Brown and a 4-Pak




Fun, flirty and flexy full high pony available in 8 colors and three 3-Paks: Darks, Lights and Wilds





Fun bun with bangs and chopsticks!
Available in four colors: Black, Strawberry, Shiny Black and Carrot and a 4-Pak


Buy AmberStrands Hair at OnRez!

TP SLurl to AmberStrands!



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