Summer Menswear

The RL fashion world might be doing their Fall Collections, but here in SL – or at least at ADF – we are still deep in hot Summer.

Thanks to two custom orders, there are some seasonal menswear for the guys to run around to all the pool, beach parties and luaus in! Hawaiian shirts and fun shorts sets. Click thumbnails for larger views.

More pics and info on these designs located on the Ambergris Catalogue.

Aloha Shirt Hibiscus and Outrigger

Aloha HibiscusAloha Outrigger


Lazz Board Shorts in Blue

Board Shorts Blue

Also available in Red and Orange


Lazz Tribal Shorts in Red

Lazz Tribal

Also available in Blue and Purple


Lazz PVC Shorts in Black

Lazz PVC

Also available in Green and in Pink


Found on the New Items Wall at Ambergris ~ Deadly Fashions, Knot (208, 62, 81)

Happy August! Enjoy :)


2 responses to “Summer Menswear

  1. I really, really love the men’s shirts! Any chance that you could make them on a jacket layer so they aren’t that short? That kind of shirt is almost always not tucked in.

    Love your stuff!

  2. Hi :) These shirts were made for certain person for a theme event. Photosource is my weakness! I would probably botch it trying to make the longer styles.

    Robin Sojourner (Wood) has some excellent hawaiian shirts – long style – check them out on the forum post below:

    I am being honest here, you best bet is to get Robin’s shirts – you will love those too :)

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