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eeee! A Post!


I have been taking this mini vacation to heart :) Have not made anything new in a while.

Except some cool shirts for guys. I think I will pair them up with the Lickety Slick Goth Pants… when I get around to taking the product pics for them hehe!

Mostly I have been partying at at The Haute Spot every Tues 5pm with the Ambergris Addicts and the Elite and ADF Models :) We are almost at our goal of 100 group members yay!!

Symphony Laval is cooking up something extra special for next week party and I can hardly wait. I have met so many of the new Addicts and helping Pushy shop HARDER too.

You can see some pics of the events on my Flickr stream down to the right on this blog.

Some Store News:

I have a new vendor yay! Keylarion Lane with her KeyLane Designs. You can click on that and see her OnRez store, or come see her display next to AmberStrands at my main store.

Please see below the fold for list of other vendors at Ambergris and a pic of my favorite KeyLane outfit :) And also more store news…

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5pm Every Tuesday!

OMG! The 5pm Ambergris Fashion Party this week is going to be EXTRA special :)

We are of course going to be at The Haute Spot which has been recently remodeled!

This week we are doing Ambergris Addicts Group membership drive. The contest prize is going to be 500L and if we hit 100 members Symphony Laval is going to boost it up to 1,000L!

The ADF Prize Ball will be spinning and giving out designs, Lots of other ways to win outfits and cash too :)

You do NOT want to miss this! Come on time to make sure you get there before the sim fills up with partiers and groupies yay!


See you at The Haute Spot!


Back to Basics

With the fiasco of Knot Sim going down, I decided it was time to take a little break. A little Summery Vacation of sorts. But I did document my wistful yearnings as I stood on the edge of neighboring sim and gazed at my poofed store *giggles*

Image Hosting by

Someone had told me about these really cool pet dragons, and I decided that I would check them out for myself. What I loved about them, is you get to hatch them out from the egg and everything!

I was pleasantly surprised to find out it was Psyra Extraordinaire who was behind this whimsical way to get a lil dragon ~ or drakelet as they are called. The sim is Grendel’s Children and will update with a SLurl when I remember hehe!

Psyra is known for his amazing avian avatars, and his incredible eye for detail, and scripting talent extends toward these wonderful dragons too. The process is not for the impatient however!

And really that is what I loved the most. You buy the egg and it comes in a carrier, and you have to wander around and explore the sims to find magical spots that will encourange your egg to hatch.

Image Hosting by

The detail on just the carrier itself is amazing! Lots of padded straps to make sure you don’t DROP the egg or anything hehe! And well I will leave the rest up to you to find out, on you own egg hatching adventures.

I found a magical spot, and after a while my egg hatched! Out crawled this lovely little drakelet! I contacted Psyra to gush about everything ;) and also to ask about the name, since the hatching arrived already named. He said that all of them have the name “Vliss”.

Well since I really liked that name, I only modified it a tiny bit: Meet Vlissara! The latest addition to my family :)

Image Hosting by

She is wonderful :) She puffs smoke, breathes fire, blinks with nictitating eye membranes (yes did I mention attention to detail??) She speaks with jaw movements, and swishes her flexy tail around.

yay! All this pure happiness for only 30L ~ amazing :)


I am also taking a break from doing my Weekly Tuesday 2pm Fashion Show. I will resume the shows sometime in September. But if you are lucky, you can catch glimpses of the ADF Elite Models showcasing my designs at the main store location!

I am all about partying and relaxing for a little bit. My friend Lazzerio Laxness popped in to visit me the other day. He is the one who started the Lazz Azz (ass out!) leather pants phenom.

He had also recently did another custom order, which lead to me creating all those wonderful summer shorts for the guys. Here is dancing in the Tribal Purple ones :)

Image Hosting by

Yes I DO have a dance machine out at the store, and various couples dance balls scattered around as well. I create a lot of “dancing designs” so maybe, you might wish to try them out right then and there ;)

Image Hosting by

We had to show off our Stickman Shades of course while we boogied down ;) More pics and updates after the fold! Some long lost show pics, and a little bit of apres-show runway romance….

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Hair and Boots OnRez

Just a little update :)

I now have all of the current AmberStrands hair design available at my OnRez Storefront yay! I will also be adding in any new hairstyles that I come up onto there also. Including…

(Sneak Preview!)

AmberStrands ~ Margot

This is a lovely updo with a bun. Static design with fly away bangs, curly tendrils in the back and color change hairband. Big thank you to Symphony Laval for the menu script for my hair bands yay Sym!!

I have also added The Haute Spot link to my Blogroll, and you can keep up with Symphony and what is going on at that wonderful Fashion and Models club :)


Margot is available in Black, Bloody Red, Blonde and Coco. Please click thumbnail for larger views. You will be able to get this hairstyle very soon at AmberStrands wall, and at OnRez.


I now have all the ADF boots available at OnRez as well. I will also be adding in the ADF Kicking Mules, and any other footwear I create. I know I have mentioned some of this before, but it may have been missed in my ranting post *giggles*

I will also be clearing wall space in my store by putting the “colorful creations” I have made this Summer into the handy and so easy to use OnRez Vendors. Just a couple of clicks on the website and everything is set when I rez them out weehoo!!!

Fall is fast approaching, and it is time to make room for upcoming designs :)


Dita Vamp and Tierney

Getting back to gothy with these two new gowns :)

I have been exploring some black and white photography of iconic women to get some more inspiration for my designs. I came up with both designs while on my journey.

I wish I could say they were available at my store, but Knot Sim has been down for I am not sure how long. You can however get both gowns at my Transylvania mini-store and Tierney at my Club Makoto location.

For the coordinates please see the About link at the top of this blog, or teleport directly from off of my Profile Picks in world.

Update 8/16/97: Knot Sim is back online, although extremely laggy. Hopefully it will have smoother sailing soon :) Both gowns are available there at New Items wall.


Dita Vamp


This gown is black leather lusciousness! Bodice with arm bracers, skirt, flex skirt and panties. Hair in pics is AmberStrands ~ Margot (coming soon!)

Click thumbnail for larger views




This is an ultra formal gown that includes top, gloves, skirt, panties, sheer stockings and tiered flex skirt. Now also be available in Red and Black at Main Store and OnRez.


Both gowns are wonderful without the prims, and will be available Online at my OnRez store as soon as Knot sim come back online. Hair in pics feature AmberStrands ~ Gina

Shoes are Sylfie’s Tempo in Red (of course!) hehe ~ Skin is my favorite by Nora :)



Boots! and OnRez

As things become more and more unstable in world, I see having online presences including storefronts become more and more important. With the experiences and things I have gone through in the past few weeks, I have come to realize a few things.

I think I have known these subconsciously for awhile, but I guess it is time to just face facts. “Your world, your imagination” translates into us being left out there alone to deal with what comes our way. Especially as business owners.

Most things I do not mind, as they are part and parcel of basic customer service. When the platform breaks down, and lets us down, I have recently found there is a majority of users who do not realize that those things are out of our control.

Many of us who create content for everyone are also ourselves consumers. It should be understood that we realize how things can go wrong, and how frustrating it is to have broken transactions and so on.

It is like we are all renting store space in the giant mall of Second Life, and to make an analogy, suppose you were in that situation RL. If the electricity goes out in the mall, how many of you would blame the individual retailers for the inability to see the items they have out for display? Not many I would think. Yet constantly over and over it happens to us here in Second Life.

We are left to take responsibility for the broken overall functions, and because it is what we do, and we are retailers, and business owners, and consumers, we attend to those things as best we can.

In short (after this long rambling speech hehe!), I will be paying more attention to making sure that I have ALL of my new items, popular items and so on available to be purchased online.

Most of those items will be concentrated on my OnRez Storefront including ALL of the AmberStrands Hair.

And also on my SL Exchange Storefront for those who want to shop there also/instead. Just be aware that SLX link will feature not so much new, but favs, golden oldies etc.


So what about the boots!? Well those who know me and my designs have been aware that I created a line of texture boots that I have included in several of my designs. I am not having them available separately at 150L/pair

You can get them online Right Here or go see them at the Ambergris Deadly Fashions main store location. They are on the wall to the right of the AmberStrands hair.


Pictured above are the ADF All Tied Up Boots featuring the signature ADF claw hook boot heel. Other style feature a spike boot heel. All priced right so you can get as many as you need to spice up those outfits!



Babette and Bobbies

More hair from AmberStrands! Please click on the thumbnails for larger views.


Adorable flexy pigtails with color change hairbands.
Available in 5 colors: Black, Blonde, Purple, CocoBlonde and Sunset



Two New Bobbie Styles

The short classy 20’s style bob is now available with color change hairband, and also with messy bangs.



Comes in the 4 original colors: Black, Red, Auburn, and Blonde


Each new style is also available in multi-paks. Be sure to visit AmberStrands to see all the colors and try on the Ambergrisish demos yay!


Calliope ~ Three Colors

Calliope is the chief of the Nine Muses, and the muse of epic or heroic poetry. This gown has a lot of dramatic flair to it, and I think it live up to her name quite well :)

This gown is available in Red, Blue and Purple. The top has longer arm bracers with jeweled details to match the accents on the front and back of the bodice.

Gold weaving flows down the side of the skirt, and is echoed in the full silhouette flex prim skirt as well. Matching flex waist scarf for added style and balance on the opposite side. This gown, like most of my others, goes gorgeous without the prims!

Click the thumbnails for larger views



Hair in pics is AmberStrands ~ Bobbie w/Color Change Hairband , Coming Soon!
Skin: Nora
Shoes: Tempo, by Sylfie

Available on the New Items Wall at Ambergris ~ Deadly Fashions, Knot (208, 62, 81)