Store Pics

Wow! that MODA showcase was amazing! The models were on fire and the selection of designs was truly wonderful :) I crashed many times, and on the final (4th, 5th?) one I just gave up and went to bed. At least it was at the end of the show, so hopefully I did not miss anything!


I know I have been carrying on about remodeling my store, and it is basically complete :) I have taken some shots of the store and will post them below. As always please click on the thumbnails to view the larger pictures :)


1. Main store area, with animated bathing tubs, Stickman shades and Calico hair

Main Floor


2. Dark Weddings balcony with couples picture pose balls, consulting area w/free wine
Dark Weddings Balcony


3. Entrance area with Stargate, info, news, Lucky Chair, Gift Bag and more
Entrance with Stargate


4. New Items Wall at the entrance area ~ always updated with the latest designs

New Items Area at Entrance


5. Tops and Trou, Casuals, Sylfie shoe vendors and To the Runway curtain

Casuals and To the Runway


6. Seating area, Jewels aBlaze and sale vendors next to the flex minis

Jewels aBlaze and Sale Vendors


7. Menswear, Unisex and Casuals

Menwear and Unisex


8. Office area w/Store Kitty. Floats above the main floor – open to the public – with gargoyle guardian

Office and Gargoyle


9. Other view of office, with my puppy woogums, Diogi :)

Office and Puppy


10. Transport rings! you can use them to TP to office, sky studio and back to main floor

Transport Rings!


11. Store entrance from the Ambergris Arts Runway area

Door to Store from Runway Area

12. Lovely park overlooking the sim stream. Get to it by crossing Amber’s Bridge from the Events Area. Campfire, picnic blanket, couples cuddles. Free wine!

Lovely Park Area


13. Other part of the park, with direct TP to SL Exchange ATM. Nice and quiet location

Direct TP SLX ATM at my Park


14. The runway! Sort of lonely without the logos, models and audience hehe!

The Ambergris Arts Runway


15. View of the seats and bar – a model’s point of view as seen from the runway. Featuring the Ambergris Addicts Group Wall of Fame, Slideshows from past shows and info posters

The Events Area Bar


Please feel free to drop by and explore the store, I was not able to take pics of everything LOL there is a lot more to see, and the park is a great place to get away from it all.

Aside from the transport rings, there are click-teleports to Dark Weddings, The Runway and other areas of interest at the entrance and around the store :)


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