Cheongsam and Symphony

I had planned to debut these two designs at my show today. Second Life had other plan, however, and I was unable to log back in while trying a simple pre-show relog to get rid of build up lag.

You can get these designs at the Ambergris Arts Runway where I left them LOL I will not attempt any more log in until after midnight. This day is a washout.

Now we know why I do a show and fashion party every week! *giggles* Always something to look forward to ;)

Baby Cheongsam

Lovely silk cheongsam with baby sleeveless top, mini skirt with side slit, and matching flex “under” panels. Panties included. Available in Blue and in Red.

This, like Asian Summer is a request from Carlotta “Carly” Anatine to create more Asian inspired designs. She graciously invited me to display many of my creations at her Club Makoto ~ happy to oblige!




Yes this design is created for and named for the wonderful Symphony Laval!

She requested a red and black design, to match The Haute Spot Club theme colors, and I was able to create something while also keeping the Asian inspired theme going strong.

Sym loves this gown! and I know you will too :)




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