Its Showtime! 2pm

“Busy Tuesday” will kick off with WTF? What The Fashion? weekly show! Show starts at 2pm SLT so be there early to get the best seats ~ we had standing room only last week so do not be late ;)

This week will feature a mix of brand new, debut and golden oldie customer favorites :)

Menswear? You will never know unless show up!


See you on the Runway! The Ambergris Arts Runway that is ;)

Ambergris Arts ~ Runway ~ Events, Knot (227, 147, 67)


Then we party like crazy at 5pm SLT at Symphony Laval’s Haute Spot Model and Fashion Club. The MEN’S Haute Pantsuit will make its debut ~ so be there to get one!

(The *Ambergris* Haute Pantsuits are ONLY available at these weekly parties)

See you at the Haute Spot!

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