Daily Archives: July 15, 2007

Sunday to Sunday SALE!

Hungry for a great deal on divine designs?


It have been awhile since I had a sale, so I figure why not do one for a whole week? LOL
July 15th thru July22nd ~ 1 week of Savings and Fun :)

In the NE corner of the store the walls are painted GREEN: that is where all the sale items can be found. I figure since that is where the 24/7 Sale vendors are, it would be a good place.

There are gowns for 150L, pantsuits and menswear for 100L and below. Fun tshirts for 50L each, jeans for 25L ~ really a great time to stock up on those Ambergris Designs you may have missed out on.

Have fun, Enjoy!

~Amber :)

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