Lovely Saris

This is the first offering for “Exotic Week”. The first week in July was for Pantsuits. The ADF week might overlap or be shorter or longer than the traditional week. But that is just how Art happens sometimes ;)

Have an Indian Summer and take you pick from the 6 colors available on this design!

Please click on the thumbnails to see the larger pictures and/or see these designs on the ADF Catalogue link to the right.

Purple SariGold SariPink Sari

Dark Blue SariGreen SariBaby Blue Sari

These designs are available at the Ambergris Deadly Fashions (SLurl Link) Main Store Location. Right on the wall at the land-in room.

Hair in pics: Short Ponytail by Calico Creations with Color Change Band

Bindi: Itty Bitty Bindi by Nora ~ Color Changing

Skin: Crying Rose Studios



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