Ambergris Addicts

Like most designers I have a group for Ambergris Deadly Fashions. It is call the Ambergris Addicts. So far I have over 70 members yay! I do not know if that is a lot or not, but it is really wonderful to meet new people see them enjoy what I create :)

Lately I have started a Wall of Fame for the Addicts, and they get to wear their favorite ADF designs and I create a cutout of them, and they are feature on the hedge wall at the Ambergris Arts Runway.

I also have been collecting pictures taken by them in my designs, and those are featured on a slideshow at my main store location.

Below are a few of the Ambergris Addicts who are on the Wall of Fame. Please click the thumbnails to see the larger pictures :)


From left to right:

Carlotta Anatine in Scarlet Teddy Bear

Tangerine Susanti in Asian Fantasy ~ Orange

Pushy Fitzgerald in Black Swan

RavenPhoenix Zenovka in Bidi Bidi Bom Bom

Macsima Dagostino in Jareth

Olaf Barbosa in Elemental Red ~ Fire


Thank you Addicts for being so supportive and wonderful! I would be nowhere without out, and you continue to be a source of inspiration, fun and collaboration :D


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