The Haute Pantsuit

This new pantsuit is available ONLY at the 5pm Ambergris Party every Tuesday at the Haute Spot Club. Contact Symphony Laval for more info on this wonderful event space yay!

4 colors available: Purple with Blue Trim, Gold with Red Trim, Blue with Gold Trim and Red with Purple Trim. Hand Drawn with lot of sexy cutouts weeehooo!

As always, click the thumbnails for larger pics plse :)

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The What The Fashion? Tuesday Fashion Show went off so wonderful today! (2pm SLT Every Tues) Featured Selena Granville fashions from her Glamorous Ladies line and it was just absolutely lovely :)

Here are the pics from the show taken by our wonderful new ADF Photographer Samuel Beltran! The pic I took and sent to SLprofiles did NOT make it LOL


Gorgeous yes? I hope to have more shows featuring Selena’s designs in the near future :)


Below is a pic of some of us dancing and having fun at the Haute Spot.

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I felt so famous with all the pics of my designs flowing across the walls! Wow! Thank you so much Symphony! I look forward to next week’s party :)


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