Fashion Shows & Remodel

We have been have so much fun with the (FFS!) Friday Fashion Shows, that I have added on another (WTF?) What The Fashion? Tuesdays.

Friday shows highlight ADF fashions and usually have a guest designer as well. The Tuesday shows will be new ADF designs and any sneak preview projects. And of course everthing is showcased by the ADF Top Models!

On Friday everyone was comment on my ad sign textures. I laugh so hard lol I can whip up a cute gown, but do not do so well when it come to making signs hehe!

Free Image Hosting at
WTF Sign

Free Image Hosting at
FFS Sign


Can click those for a larger pic and see for youself lmao!

My Dark Weddings project is coming along well. I have most of the initial design sets complete. I just need to finish up making some flowers, hats and things.

Naturally, I will throw one of my famous parties to debut everything when is done ;)

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The remodel of my main store location is complete. Of course I will continue to tweak things here and there, but I like how it look. Cute room to land in on TP. It have all the messages, news, TP to wedding area and new designs right there.

Archways leading to the Lucky Chair, and the main floor. I move the main floor sitting area, so there is more room to dance ;) and kept the little comfy couch nook in the menswear section.

Since I have added in Blaze Montale’s Jewels aBlaze jewelry, I decided to also bring back the spiral ramp she made for my original store. It lead up to the Dark Weddings platform.

My office area have been moved slightly, but is still accessible by the Stargate Transport Rings. I added those in after I got the Stargate. My store is the Stargate location for Knot sim yay! I love to go exploring by gate often. Can see so many interesting things that way.


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