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Fashion Show Follies

Just a giggle and a smile to say thank you to the Ambergris Addicts group, the fun drinking, dancing and shopping audience and the wonderful ADF Top Models for such great times at my weekly shows!

Here is a picture from last Tuesdays WTF? (What the Fashion?) Show LOL!
(I brighten it up a bit from the original)


I am thinking I might make a fun slideshow from the pics taken by our ADF Photographer and Model Recruiting Director, Barbie Starr. Will let you know!

See you at the Ambergris Arts Runway on Friday 2pm SLT for FFS!
(Friday Fashion Shows) hehe!

NEW! Gowns in Deep Colors

I have been getting a lot of positive feedback on this new gown! I have already sneak peek it at one of my weekly fashion shows, and it have prove to be very well recieve :)


This gown is a revamp of the Darkling gown, as per a custom order for a special occasion; now released to everyone who want to add a bit of color to their Second Lives.

The top have remain essentially the same, with a bit more detail drawn in across the breasts, and some highlighting tints on the metal rings. The skirt is completely redrawn, with a fancy little ribbon painted in at the waistline.

The flex panels have been slightly adjusted to enhance the look and feel, and the flex shoulder scarves have been modified a little bit as well.

Three color: Deep Blue, Deep Gold and Deep Red

Available in the land-in room on the New Items Wall at Ambergris Deadly Fashions (SLurl Link).

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Reminder: As always click on the thumbnail pic to see the larger photo :)

Slickety Black

By popular demand, I have combine the Black PVC elements of two outfits: PVC Lolita and Bonny Buccaneer.

Slickety Black is just that ;) The slippery top from Lolita, and the slick skirt, matching prim mini, and (de-piratized) boots from Bonny.

Luscious black leather from head to toe – what more could you ask for?

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Tux Gown & Bridal

Two new designs :)
The first is my take on the Tuxedo Gown. It is available in 6 colors: Red, Blue, Pink, Tan, Green and Purple.

Featuring a skin-baring top w/arm bracers, matching skirt that does delicious without the prims ~ lovely flowing flex skirt w/semi-sheer panels, panties and glitch pants.

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Lady Tux Red

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Lady Tux Blue

Please see the Ambergris Catalogue link to the right to view the rest of the color

Next is another option for brides in the Dark Weddings line. This design come with two veil options, one with hat and demi face veil, and the other the more traditional semi-sheer hair veil.

There is also an optional satin bow with long ribbon for the back of the dress. Gloves, panties, glitch pants complete this creation.

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Red Lace Wedding Gown


Both of these available right at land-in room on the New Items wall at Ambergris Deadly Fashions (SLurl Link)

SL Miss World Contestant

yay that’s me :)

You can Click Right Here and see my photo album on the website!

I am not sure if you can vote or what, but hey you get to see some nice pics of me showcasing my designs. I love to take pictures, and these are my first “art” pics.

A nice change from vendor box photos :)

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Terrific Tintable!

Another TV inspired design!

Taken from an opening number on “So You Think You Can Dance”.

Top, Skirt, Prim flex mini, Stockings, Gloves and Shorts. Comes with *ADF* Black Shiny GoGo Boots. (walk/no walk option)

You can tint it up any colors you like, or leave it black and white. Available at the New Items Wall in the land-in room at Ambergris ~ Deadly Fashions (SLurl link).

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FFS Fun!

Well this week’s FFS was very entertaining! hehe!

The audience was WILD, and everyone was drinking and some were dancing and the ADF Top Models sizzled up the runway :)

I met such wonderful people, and everyone had a great time.
At the middle of the show, we had Knot sim packed up pretty full, and then a few people got booted, and there was a lot of the usual lag.

oh I forgot! We had a very enthusiastic reveler who decided to dance on the runway before things got started. I had to toss/ban him when he decided to come back after my gentle nudge to clear the runway.

You can see him ghosted there at the entrance of the runway LOL!

FFS Show!

Purple Party

I host a party event every Thursday 5-7pm at The Shadowlands. This week was Purple Passion theme, and we had a lot of fun! My favorite DJ was there: Malachi Conover of and played our requests.

DJ Booth Dancing
Me doing my best to distract DJ “Sexy Frog” Mal from his wheels of steel hehe!


So now I prepare the Ambergris Arts Runway for tomorrow’s FFS! Friday Fashion Show! I still hope to get a guest designer, so you will just have to show up and see if I did ;)

Every Friday 2-3pm SLT
Knot (227, 147, 67)

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(FFS Sneak Preview: Dark Prism)